First time getting injectables? – Read This

Have you been sitting on the fence for a while about finally becoming an injectables convert? Well you are not alone in this, to do it or not to do it that is the question, and honestly it depends on your personal needs and wants for your skin and beauty goals. When it comes to answering this question for clients a private consultation with one of our registered nurses is normally the solution, to discuss all skin goals, BUT we have got a little breakdown for you here on what to expect during and post treatment so you can read up a bit before coming to see us at Cosmetic Injectables Australia. 

What to expect during your treatment

During the process of the treatment your comfort is paramount to our mission, so we will always aim to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. Our experienced registered nurses and nurse practitioners utilise a number of techniques to assist with reducing pain during all treatments. This is discussed during your complimentary consultation. 

The downtime for injectables is very minimal, however it is not uncommon to have some bruising, to maximise your results your registered nurse and nurse practitioner will give you a list of dos and don’ts that are specific to you, and your recovery. 

With all treatments at Cosmetic Injectables Australia a consultation is complimentary, in this consultation we will discuss all your medical history and skin concerns and work with you to come up with a personalised treatment plan, which for all our WebMD addicts out there this consult can definitely put your mind at ease!

If after having your consultation with a registered nurse and you’re all in! Then we can do the treatment on the same day OR if you want to go home and have a google (we see you) that is completely your call, and we can book a follow up appointment for you.

The Dos and Don’ts

DON’T – use saunas and avoid extreme temperatures

DON’T – partake in vigorous exercise for at least the first day

DON’T – have a wild night and get glammed up the first day after treatment (resist the urge)

DO – Take is easy the day after treatment (watch some Netflix girl)

DO – Listen to your registered nurse on the at home treatment needed 

DO – Love yourself sick because you will be looking good in a few days and you know it!