About Us

Our Philosophy

At Cosmetic Injectables Australia our philosophy is based on the idea of tapping into the longevity of beauty with a focus on the prevention of ageing. We believe that the act of ageing gracefully facilitates optimal health and an inner strength that feeds into positive living and life experiences.

Cosmetic Injectables Australia was founded by twins registered nurses Jessica and Samantha Hair Offering a range of cosmetic treatments. The practice is highly regarded for delivering real, lasting and aesthetically pleasing outcomes by a team of clinically trained nurses.

Built on the collective passion of healthcare professionals, the team comprises of only registered nurses who must have a minimum Bachelor degree qualification. We are therefore able to guarantee that all treatments are administered by a highly qualified team whose in depth training about the body supports their knowledge and administration of cosmetic injectables.

The team’s academic and clinical practice experience are most certainly core strengths providing patients with the confidence and safety they deserve. This is supported by respectful nurse/patient relationships and upholding collaborative decision making in all treatments and treatment programs.

Our Registered Nurses

Our team has an innovative approach, staying abreast of the latest technological advances, as well as by actively learning and knowledge building and ensuring ongoing training and professional development.

Together, the Cosmetic Injectables Australia team aims to help all those interested in looking fresher for longer, to do so gracefully, happily and successfully.


With 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Jessica has built the fundamentals needed to provide her clients with the best possible care and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Aesthetic health care. Her previous roles and experience include working with Brisbane’s Leading Cosmetic and Laser Clinics and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

Jessica’s work in emergency medicine has taught her the importance of life’s simplest pleasures, and she firmly believes that this understanding is an essential element in aging gracefully.

As an advocate for ongoing professional development, Jessica has completed her graduate certificate in cosmetic nursing and regularly attends professional master classes. Jessica has utilized her advanced nursing practice to complete a Masters degree, and is now an endorsed Nurse Practitioner. This dedication to continuous education ensures that she is able to help her clients achieve the results they want through the most current treatment advances available.

All aspects of our bodies require nurturing to promote optimal health, and the skin is no different. Jessica says, “It is through education and awareness that I base my foundation of practice.” As a registered nurse and patient advocate, her role is to assess and educate her clients, implement personalized treatment plans using state-of-the-art techniques, and ensure that individuals embark on a cosmetic journey that promotes glowing skin health and facial harmony. Her strong focus on each client’s needs is apparent in the personalised service she provides and the care with which she ensures that each client has access to every possible treatment available. Jessica lives by three principles: honesty, empathy and being authentic. She says, “I ensure my clients are aware of all possible treatment options, expected outcomes, and associated risks to ensure an informed decision is made. I work by the philosophy, ‘treat your patients the way you would treat your family’.” She understands that ultimately, we all want to feel good. For Jessica, nurturing clients, helping them to look and feel their best, and increasing their confidence is the ultimate reward.

“Prevention is key, and it’s never too late”


Chemical Peel Treatment Nurse

Samantha, a Cosmetic Nurse Injector, with 13 years clinical experience within the healthcare industry, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism to the Cosmetic industry.

Over the last 9 years, Samantha has embarked on a Journey into Cosmetic Nursing, and it is here she has found her passion for facial rejuvenation, anti-ageing and facial aesthetics.

A passion for ensuring the client’s journey is an enjoyable experience, Samantha brings a positive, respectful nature, motivation and enthusiasm, enabling her to tailor treatment plans specific to her client’s needs.

Samantha empowers her clients to develop an understanding of the ageing process through education of health care advances, enabling one to “age gracefully”.

A Territorian at heart, Samantha has lived in Brisbane working in leading cosmetic clinics, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. It is her belief that despite the distance, the Northern Territory should have affordable access to the same healthcare advances as the rest of Australia.

Through industry experience and having completed a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Critical Care, a Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing, a Masters of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner and now an endorsed Nurse Practitioner, Samantha believes

“Looking and being your best at any age is achievable.”

Nurse Molly Brown

Highly accomplished Registered Nurse with over ten years’ experience; a strong knowledge of cosmetic medicine, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery (pre-, peri- and post-operative).

Proficient in delivering to the highest standards of care and communication in hospital or private practice setting. A caring, responsible and skilled nurse with a reputation for building excellent rapport with patients, and committed to helping them be fully informed and comfortable during their care.

Qualifications & Advanced Training

Bachelor of Nursing


Masters of Nursing

Nurse Practitioner – Flinders university

Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biomedical Science

Charles Darwin University

Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing


Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science


Galderma Facial Anatomy MASTERCLASSS

SingHealth Academy – General Hospital

Bachelor of Nursing

University of South Australia


Allergan Aesthetics

Master class Lip technique training, Oslo Norway

Julie Horne Academy

Clinical Shadowing Day

Consultant Clinic London

Clinical Trainer


Allergan MD Codes

Allergan Aesthetics

Blood Safe Certificate

Blood Safe

Complication Management in Dermal Fillers

Advanced Cardiac & Pulmonary Resuscitation

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

Nursing Peri Operative Surgical Transition Program

Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane

Emergency Nursing Transition Program

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

Nursing Transition Program (Medical, Cardiac, Surgical and Theatre)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville South Australia

Basic Life Support

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital