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Please Note: Lip filler treatments will be performed up until 2 week prior to international air travel and 48 hours prior to interstate air travel. These measures are to promote patient safety post dermal filler treatment.

About Our Lip Augmentation Treatments in Brisbane

Hydrating lip filler procedures performed in our Brisbane injectables clinic offer an effective way to enhance the lips and address common concerns such as lack of volume or asymmetric lips – they can also be used to define the edges of the lips and sharpen the cupid’s bow. Our experienced Registered Nurses conduct a thorough pre treatment consultation to understand your medical history and asses your facial anatomy to ensure your treatment achieves your desired results. You’ll have the option of proceeding with the lip filer treatment on the same day if you wish or you can schedule it for a later date. 

Our Brisbane clinic offers multiple types of premium lip filler injectables to cater for all types of lip augmentation styles – with an overall focus on achieving natural looking results. These options will be explained to you in detail at your free consultation.

Our clinic is conveniently located at 1007 Stanley Street in East Brisbane, and is open Monday through to Saturday.

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Under the skillful hands of the experienced cosmetic nurse injectors with over ten years experience at Cosmetic Injectables Australia, you can count on a total facial rejuvenation that’s just right for you. – Style Magazines

Lip Fillers Results

Below is a small sample of before and after images, used with permission, from lip filler treatments carried out in our clinics. We’ll discuss your desired appearance at your initial consultation and tailor your filler treatment to suit. 

Brisbane Lip Filler Pricing

As per regulatory requirements set by our governing bodies, all pricing details for treatments are disclosed during an in-person, complimentary consultation at our clinic locations.

What To Expect From Your Treatment

Lip enhancement in our Brisbane clinic is carefully tailored to each patient for natural-looking results with consideration given to your facial anatomy and any existing asymmetries.

After applying either a topical numbing cream, or local anaesthetic (based on your preference) – our experienced Registered Nurses will then skilfully inject the dermal filler using a fine needle or cannula into strategic locations to achieve your desired appearance. 

Most of our clients report minimal pain during the procedure, however if you have sensitive lips, we will ensure that you’re given adequate pain prevention. 

Post Lip Filler Treatment

You shouldn’t need to schedule any downtime after undergoing a lip filler treatment – however you may experience a numb sensation around your mouth from the anaesthetic – so please avoid hot drinks and eating until this wears off. 

Some clients report mild discomfort, however this typically last no longer than a few hours. 

You may experience palpable lumps at the injection site. Please do not massage these (unless instructed by your healthcare professional), as any lumpiness will subside as the product stabilizes within your tissues.

To ensure the best results from your lip filler treatment you’ll need to avoid a few activities as follows:

Please do not massage the treated area unless instructed, as the dermal filler remains malleable for up to two weeks after treatment.

  • Avoid saunas and extreme temperature changes.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid sleeping face-down on the treated area for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid makeup for 12 hours.
  • Abstain from alcohol before treatment and for 24 hours afterwards.

Results From Lip Filler Injections

One of the most common questions we get from our local Brisbane clients is ‘how long will 1ml of lip filler last?’. 

Unfortunately it’s not possible to give a 100% accurate prediction of how long your lip filler results will last before requiring a top up as the timeframe can vary depending on each individuals metabolism and history of previous treatments. As a general guide you can expect your lips to retain their fuller appearance for around 6-15 months.  

You don’t need to continue to undergo lip filler treatments after this period if you choose not to and your lips will gradually return to their previous appearance as the filler is metabolised by your body. 

However, if you want to maintain your lip volume, you’ll need to book in with us again for a top up. 

Potential Risks of Lip Filler Injections

Before undergoing lip filler treatment we want you to be completely informed so our cosmetic injector will thoroughly explain the potential risks and complications of the procedure. Common side effects can include redness, itching, swelling, bruising or tenderness around the lips which all typically subside within a few days. 

In Australia, cosmetic injectables such as lip fillers are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – before undergoing any lip filler or cosmetic injectable treatments, you should ensure that the product being used is approved for use in Australia. Our team will be more than happy to discuss the different product options available to you at your initial consultation. 

Our team will be available to support you at all times after your treatment so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns. 

Where To Find Our Clinic

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Our Registered Nurses

Our highly skilled Brisbane cosmetic nurses have over 11 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. 

Nurse Molly Brown - NMW0001463161

Nurse Molly Brown is a highly accomplished Registered Nurse with over ten years’ experience; a strong knowledge of cosmetic medicine, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery (pre-, peri- and post-operative).

Nurse Jessica Gillis - NMW0002273445

Nurse Jessica Gillis is a talented Registered Nurse who has been working in the cosmetic industry for over 2 years. Jessica has high level of product knowledge & is passionate about the aesthetics industry.

Qualifications & Advanced Training

Bachelor of Nursing


Allergan MD Codes

Allergan Aesthetics

Complication Management in Dermal Fillers

Nursing Peri Operative Surgical Transition Program

Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane

Clinical Trainer

Hugel Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Fillers

Lip fillers can last approximately 6-12 months. It is important to be aware that your metabolism can impact the longevity of product. The extent of volume loss in the lip and the history of previous treatments can influence how long a dermal filler product will last.

Lip fillers start from $550. The price can vary depending on the product used. The types of dermal fillers available for lip filler treatments are discussed during your complimentary consultation along with the pricing of each filler.

The lip can be a sensitive area. Our experience team of Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses provide you with numbing options during your compliment consultation that will be available to you to assist with reducing pain during treatment.

Lip fillers are made up of a natural occurring sugar that work to attract and absorb water. This mechanism helps to provide volume and hydrating effects for your lip tissues.

Lip fillers are aimed to integrate into your tissues. This integration promotes a soft and natural feel. At times lumps can be felt post treatment and we may advise that you massage these areas or present to clinic for review. Lip filler that has developed significantly hard lumps requires a review, although this is uncommon. Lips that have had multiple treatments of dermal fillers over time may develop lumps as a result over filling. It may be suggested during your complimentary consultation that dissolving and starting again is recommended.

Dermal filler treatments during pregnancy are not advisable due to the limited research that is available providing safety and efficacy of treatment. It is important to note that whilst some people may feel dermal fillers are safe it is the use of antibiotics, dissolving agents and other medications that may be necessary should a complication occur that may be deemed unsafe. It is necessary to have significant research that proves all aspects of the treatment safe and not just having dermal fillers in isolation.

If you are on antibiotics you will need to reschedule your Lip Filler treatment to 2 to 4 weeks post ceasing the course. If you have been unwell or are on antibiotics you must bring this to the attention of your clinician so an appropriate appointment can be rescheduled for you. You must at all times be 100% well during treatment. Research demonstrates that people who undergo dermal filler treatments whilst unwell or within a period close to this, are at an increased of infection, granulomas or inflammatory responses.

Lip balm can be used post treatment if it is new and unopened. Remember it is important to avoid the risk of microscopic bacteria and therefore new and unused are recommended. We will apply a balm post treatment prior to you leaving clinic.

This is a good question. To say it does ‘fully dissolve’ is a difficult statement to make. Dermal filler will be metabolised and broken down by the human body. This varies depending on each individual person, their ability to do this and their medical history. Dermal filler and how it is completely metabolised over the years is still undergoing research. There are approx. longevity timelines suggested for each dermal filler. In our clinical experience we have seen circumstances where it appears the dermal filler has completely gone from a visual observation and cases where the dermal filler is still holding results despite suggestions it should have completely metabolised as per longevity timeframe. This question can be further explained during your complimentary consultation.

Swelling can last for approx. 3 to 4 days. It is important to always plan for swelling as we are unable to predict how you will swell post treatment. Some people will have minimal swelling and others can swell quite noticeably. In rare cases swelling can present longer than 4 days.

We recommend no drinking alcohol for at least 24hrs post treatment. Remember alcohol can increase the risk of bruising as it can thin the blood. It is important to consider your alcohol consumption prior to treatment will put you at an increased risk of bruising.

You do not need to get lip fillers done again if you do not want to. The filler will over time metabolise. If you want to maintain volume and prevent volume loss then ongoing dermal filler treatments will be required to maintain desired results. Remember that multiple treatments may be required to reach your desired result endpoint.

The products used in our dermal filler treatments are only available in 1ml sterile syringes – so we’re unable to offer only 0.5ml treatments. However, you have the option to purchase a full 1ml and have half of it injected into your lips and the other half somewhere else. 

Beautiful clinic, incredible staff. I have been seeing Molly for years and will not go anywhere else!
Megan Sinclair