Privacy Policy


At Cosmetic Injectables Australia, privacy and patient confidently is paramount. We take on the responsibility of ensuring all personal information that is gathered is handle in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (cth), AHPRA – Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia and Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia. Our policy highlights how we gather, why we gather, how we use, disclose and handle the quality of personal/confidential/Sensitive information.

What is Confidential information: It is a well-settled principle of law that where one party (‘the confidant’) acquires confidential information from or during his service with, or by virtue of his relationship with another (‘the confider’), in circumstances importing a duty of confidence, the confidant is not ordinarily at liberty to divulge that information to a third party without the consent or against the wishes of the confider.  (Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland, 2012)

What Is personal information: As defined by the Privacy Act personal information is information that identifies an individual; or about an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

What is Sensitive information: Sensitive information is a form of personal information. Cosmetic Injectables Australia collects sensitive information in the form of patients/clients medical and health history. This information is collected as a necessary means to ensure our patients/clients are safe to undergo our medical based treatments. Patient/clients have the right to refuse to disclose any information. It is important to note that withholding important information places you as the patient/client at risk of adverse events. Cosmetic Injectables Australia holds the right to refuse treatment should it be deemed unsafe.

Collecting Confidential/Private/Sensitive information:

At Cosmetic Injectables Australia we perform medical based procedures. Gathering and collecting private/confidential/sensitive information allows us to determine medical suitability for treatment, ensuring your safety. Withholding important information may place you at risk of adverse events.

We collect and gather confidential/private/sensitive information necessary to adhere to legislative requirements governed by the Medicines Poisons and Therapeutic Drugs Regulations NT for prescriptions.

We gather and collect confidential/private/sensitive information to help us ensure we carryout correct patient/client identification.

All information is obtained and gathered through completing your medical history form. This can be through means of secure electronic communication. We do not obtain patient/client information via any other means.

It is important to note that due to patient confidentially we do not under any circumstances discuss any sensitive information with family members or others that are not involved in the direct care of the patient/client within the clinic environment of Cosmetic Injectables Australia. Information may be shared within the clinic environment with those qualified and directly involved with your care to ensure continuity of care.

Why we gather sensitive/confidential information:

Cosmetic Injectables Australia is a medical based cosmetic clinic. When attending our facility, a patient file is created. This file will contain your medical history form and the information that you the patient/client provide. This information will enable us to deliver care that is consistent and safe.

This information includes:

  • Your name
  • Address and contact details
  • Your medical history
  • Your family’s medical history that may be significant and could potentially impact your treatment outcomes.
  • Previous treatments

Medical and significant family history is required for assessment prior to the issuing of medical prescriptions, ensuring you are medically suited to undergo treatment. Some information may not be relevant to disclose; you will be made aware of this during your complimentary consult. Withholding important and relevant information may place you at risk of an adverse events. Cosmetic Injectables Australia reserves the right to refuse treatment should not all the necessary/legal requirements be met.

Personal information that you provide relate to the treatments you may choose to undergo. Your information is stored electronically in our database; Cosmetic Injectables Australia only uses technological platforms that adopt security standards equivalent to the Electronic Transactions Act 1999.

New information as it becomes apparent is added to your file at each presentation. All staff at Cosmetic Injectables Australia endeavour to ensure all personal information obtained is accurate, current and complete. Assisting staff by providing details that may have changed will assist in this.

Use of Tracking Technologies:

Cookies: Cosmetic Injectables Australia uses cookies to allow for a more seamless user experience. If you wish for this not to occur then please disable cookies in your web browser.

Employees/Third Party involvement of confidential information:

Where Cosmetic Injectables Australia has access to any personal information belonging to a customer/client of the Company, the Company will ensure the maintenance of confidence of any confidential information that the Company has access to, or become aware of, and will prevent its unauthorized disclosure or use by any person.
Cosmetic Injectables Australia will not use the confidential information for any purpose other than for the relevant and related Company processes.

Every employee of Cosmetic Injectables Australia is responsible for the appropriate handling of such private and confidential information to prevent unlawful disclosure. An employee of Cosmetic Injectables Australia will not use confidential and or sensitive information for any purpose other than for the relevant and related employer processes during their employment. All employees are not to disclose or use any personal or sensitive information of individual’s post-employment at Cosmetic Inejctables Australia. Any action of breach of policy may/will result in disciplinary action.

Sharing your personal information:

No confidential/sensitive information is shared with third parties unless informed consent has been provided by the patient/client. Third parties under no circumstances have access to use any personal information provided to them other than for the purpose stated below.

Cosmetic Injectables Darwin at times will send text and periodic emails to all patients/clients to communicate important up to date information.

Should any patient/client wish not receive information from Cosmetic Injectables Australia please contact us directly by email, phone or website.

Third parties may at times be involved in the following:

These include but not limited to

Social Media management

Website development

To improve customer service

No confidential/sensitive information is shared with these parties unless informed consent has been provided by the patient/client.

Cosmetic Injectables Australia does not under any circumstances sell, trade, or rent patients/clients, personal/private/sensitive information to others.

Accessing your treatment records:

You have the right to apply for access to information held in your treatment records. Please contact

To apply for access to your treatment records we do require written confirmation that you wish for this information to be released and a method in which you wish to receive it. Our release of information form will also need to be completed. Please allow thirty working days for all treatment records to be issued.

Storage and Security of Personal and or Sensitive Information:

Cosmetic Injectables Australia utilises cloud base technologies to allow for a more efficient and consistent method of flow when collecting and storing data. Using cloud base technologies allows us to access important information when necessary, improving the way we carry out our care.

We use cloud base services that are Australian and American based.To ensure further protection of our client’s privacy of confidential/Private/Sensitive information we have implemented two-step authentication and alerts when new devices and apps are linked to our account. All platforms adhere to the requirements of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 Australia or the equivalent in the governing country.

Any photos shown as before and afters on public platforms have been approved by the patient/client involved. All photos are stored in a secure database for the purpose of medical records/documentation.

No photos are displayed or shown at any time without the informed consent of the patient/client. We promote photos of an unidentifiable nature. Photos that show identifiable features will at all times have the informed consent of the patient/clients.

Problems Queries or Complaints:

Cosmetic Injectables Australia takes all problems, queries and complaints seriously. Should you as the patient/client be concerned then please contact us directly via email, phone and or website.

Should you not be happy with how Cosmetic Injectables Australia has handled your complaint/concern then please refer to below:

Australian Information Commissioner
Phone: 1300 363 992
Post: GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
Online Form: (Privacy Complaint Form).

Cosmetic Injectables Australia reserves the right to make amendments, change, update and review this privacy policy. These amendments, changes, updates and review will be in line with current practice, obligations and legislative requirements. Any changes made will be displayed through our website. It is your responsibility to acknowledge and make the effort to familiarise yourself with how we aim to protect your right privacy.

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