Lip Filler Injections
Gold Coast

Please Note: Lip filler treatments will be performed at our Gold Coast clinic up until 2 week prior to international air travel and 48 hours prior to interstate air travel. These measures are to promote patient safety post dermal filler treatment.

Gold Coast Lip Augmentation Experts

Achieve fuller, more defined lips with lip filler treatments at our Gold Coast injectables clinic. Our experienced nurses use the latest in advanced dermal fillers to add subtle or dramatic volume while retaining a soft, natural look. During your consultation, we’ll assess your facial anatomy, listen to your goals, and recommend the ideal filler to suit your desired lip size, proportion, shape & overall appearance. 

Our Gold Coast clinic is centrally located in Southport with easy parking available. Click on the book now button below to book a complimentary consultation and view all available lip filler appointment times. 

lip filler results from treatment

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Lip Fillers Results

Below is a small sample of before and after images, used with permission, from lip filler treatments. We’ll discuss your desired appearance at your initial consultation and tailor your filler treatment to suit. 

What To Expect From Your Treatment

When performed by an experienced cosmetic nurse, lip fillers can enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of your lips with natural looking results.

At our Gold Coast clinic we make your comfort a top priority. The area is numbed using a highly effective topical cream or local aesthetic injection based on your preference. This is determined during your initial consultation so we can accommodate your needs.

Our skilled nurse will then inject the dermal filler into strategic points on your lips using a fine needle or cannula. The placement is precision-targeted to expertly shape and define your lips and cupid’s bow for a gorgeous, natural enhancement. 

Please do not massage the treated area unless instructed, as the dermal filler remains malleable for up to two weeks after treatment.

  • Avoid saunas and extreme temperature changes.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid sleeping face-down on the treated area for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid makeup for 12 hours.
  • Abstain from alcohol before treatment and for 24 hours afterwards.

Results From Lip Filler Injections

You’ll be able to notice the effects of our lip filler treatments right away. While results vary based on the type of filler, your individual metabolism, and lifestyle factors, your results will last somewhere between 6 to 12 months.

We take every precaution to minimise risks and side effects from lip filler treatments. Potential temporary effects like bruising, swelling and infection are very rare but will be thoroughly explained during your initial consultation 

Feel free to contact our Gold Coast clinic today to ask any questions you might have about lip filler treatments prior to booking an appointment. 

Gold Coast Lip Filler Prices

As per regulatory requirements set by our governing bodies, all pricing details for treatments are disclosed during an in-person, complimentary consultation at our clinic locations.


Where to find us

Our cosmetic injectable clinic is centrally located in the Gold Coast suburb of Southport at 9 Nesbit Street – just off the main arterial road of Ferry Road, providing quick and easy access from all suburbs of the Gold Coast.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Fillers

Generally speaking, lip filler injections last around 6 months before requiring topping up. However the duration varies from person to person based on how fast your body metabolises the dermal filler. 

Our Gold Coast clinic offers lip augmentation starting from $495. The actual price you’ll pay depends on the type and style of lip filler which we’ll cover in your initial consultation so you can decide whether you’d like to proceed with treatment. 

Lip filler injections involve a minor stinging sensation during the numbing and injection process. We use topical anaesthetics to minimise any discomfort, and most patients report little to no pain. If you have a low pain tolerance, we can provide additional localised numbing to ensure your treatment is comfortable. 

We recommend waiting to any anaesthetic used during the procedure has worn off to ensure you don’t bite your lips. 

With a lack of any clear research into this area, we advise you don’t undergo any cosmetic injectable treatment whilst you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

Yes, we can use a prescription medication which begins to immediately break down the lip filler. However it is important to note that it’s not possible to dissolve permanent or semi permanent lip fillers. Learn more about our dissolving dermal filler treatments

You may experience localised slight swelling or bruising in the days following your lip filler treatment at our Gold Coast clinic however this can vary from individual to individual. If you’re undergoing lip augmentation in preparation for an upcoming event, we recommend undergoing the treatment at least a fortnight prior to allow enough time for the lip filler to achieve its final results. 

Our product is only available in 1ml sterile syringes meaning we can’t offer less than that. However you can choose to have 0.5ml in your lips and the other half elsewhere if you wish.