Vein & Vascular


The treatment of enlarged or visible veins on the face or body are no longer the domain of a surgeon or doctors. Cosmetic Injectables Australia offer laser treatment of spider veins (facial veins or leg veins).

If you no longer wear shorts, swimmers or that short dress because of your visible veins, book a free consultation today and talk about our industry leading, non-surgical vein solution at Cosmetic Injectables Australia.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins (telangiectasia) are small enlarged veins, that are red/purple or blue/green colour. Often mistaken for veins that have broken or are blocked, they are in fact enlarged veins. While spider veins do not pose a health threat, many people find them embarrassing. Facial veins are especially difficult to cover up using makeup.

Treatment Options

Surgical varicose vein removal or injections are not necessary to remove or reduce spider veins. Laser technology is leading the way in spider vein treatment. If you are looking for an effective non-surgical treatment option in Darwin, Cosmetic Injectables use the latest laser from Syneron-Candela, the GentleLase Pro.

What Next

The best way to have your spider veins assessed is by a qualified clinician. At Cosmetic Injectables Australia, we offer a free consultation where we can give you personalised information based on your skin type and vein condition. From this consultation, you will know your varicose vein treatment and any associated conditions, how many treatments are needed, a quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.