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Best Time For Pigmentation Treatment? Winter!

Winter is the prime time for your Pigmentation Treatment!

We all associate sun safety with Summer. Hot days, beach trips, sunburn, slip-slop-slapping on the SPF. 

But in Winter, sun safety takes the backseat. 

Although UVB rays, the leading cause of sunburn, peak in Summer, UV rays of all kinds affect your skin and cause damage just as easily in Winter. After all, the sun is always shining (even when it’s overcast).

Such sun exposure and damage sustained as a result is one of the leading causes of premature ageing, and can build up every day of the year. Such damage is often present as pigmentation in the form of freckles, age spots, or areas of darker skin.

Here at Cosmetic Injectables Australia, we can even out your skin tone and treat these signs of sun damage using our medical grade pigmentation removal laser!

Now although the sun is dangerous all year round, it’s a fact that during Winter, we’re indoors more and often our daily sun exposure is reduced. This is why it’s idea to have pigmentation treatments performed during Winter…

After any laser treatment, your skin is more sensitive and you need to avoid sun exposure otherwise your skin could peel or it could cause hyperpigmentation! The risk of this is reduced in Winter because the UV index is lower and the days are shorter. 

Your skin also has to be bare and ready for treatment, meaning no fake tan or real sun-tans! Luckily, tanning is done less frequently in Winter, making it the ideal time for such treatments.

Contact us and book a free consultation to determine your treatment needs, and remember to keep reapplying the SPF (even when it’s cold and dreary).