There are so many great skin treatments available today, from dermal fillers and chemical peels to platelet-rich plasma and skin needling, that choosing which one is right for you can seem overwhelming. So how do you choose the right treatment or treatments for your unique skin? Here are some ideas you can use to make this decision an easier one.

Talk with Your Provider

The most important step you can take is to talk with your skin care provider about the treatments you are considering. Your provider has the education and experience to help you determine the best ways to correct your wrinkles, age spots, or other problem areas. A good provider will be able to guide you in having realistic expectations of a particular treatment as well as understanding which treatments can produce the best results for your skin. They will be able to approach your treatment plan in a holistic fashion, incorporating all available treatment advances today.

Consider the Risks and Downtime

Part of your decision will probably be based on how much time off you will be able to take for recovery. Different procedures have different side effects and require different amounts of downtime. The great thing about technological advances is that now treatments have minimal downtime. Most experience only minor bruising disguise-able with makeup and subtle swelling of which resolves within a few days. In addition, different people respond to skin treatments in different ways. Discuss these concerns with your provider so that you know what to expect and which treatment you can fit into your schedule.

Know What to Expect in the Future

Prevention is the key to ageing gracefully. Its essential to incorporate your treatments into your daily routine to maintain your results. Our ageing process dose not stop and great-looking skin requires maintenance. With regular skin treatments and medical grade skin care we can delay the ageing process. Make sure you have a solid understanding of what to expect in the months and years after the procedure. Remember that while various treatments can improve your skin dramatically, it is a continuous treatment journey.

Consider Cost – to an Extent

Of course, the cost of any given treatment is important, but cost should not be your number one reason for choosing one treatment over another. Saving a few dollars isn’t worth picking a procedure that will leave you unsatisfied. The appearance of your face is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. That’s why we help each client understand his or her options and make the right choice for treatment.

We want everyone looking for skin treatments such as dermal fillers, skin needling, or anti-wrinkle treatments in Darwin to have the experience they deserve. We use new age technology to impart a number of various skin treatments that work to correct many types of skin problems. Book a consultation with us today – we’d love to discuss your options with you and help you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve.