When you’re choosing among anti-ageing skin care products and treatments, you naturally want to make sure you’re choosing the best in order to achieve the best possible results. You probably have many questions, such as what kind of outcome you can expect and whether the product or treatment is safe. One of the pieces of advice you’ll most likely hear is that it’s best to choose medical-grade skin care products. This recommendation, in particular, is one you should definitely follow.

So why is it so important to choose medical-grade skin care products as opposed to any other products you can pick up at the local drugstore? There are various reasons. Many people fall into the trap of buying over-the-counter products because of advertising, packageing, or price – but these products have only limited effect (or, in some cases, no effect at all). Additionally, they can’t fix real skin problems while medical-grade products have been clinically shown to have the effects they claim to have. Here are three key reasons to choose medical-grade skin care products:

  1. They contain higher concentrations of their active ingredients. Medical-grade products can have these higher concentrations because they are dispensed and their usage is overseen by a doctor or physician. Department store products are designed for anyone and everyone to use safely, and a medical professional does not supervise their use, so the active ingredients can be present only in smaller amounts.
  2. They penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. For you to achieve real results with a product, it must penetrate more deeply than over-the-counter products are able to do. Regular products will only affect the outer layer of skin (epidermis), where the skin cells are just starting to shed. Medical-grade products, by contrast, can penetrate into the middle layer of skin (dermis) and the bottom layer of skin (basal) where collagen and elastin are contained, and new cells are produced.
  3. Medical-grade products work, period. They have been proven to work; their effects have been scientifically studied and published in medical journals. Because they can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, where the cells are produced, and collagen and elastin contained, they can transform the skin, giving it a completely new appearance and texture.

Medical-grade skin care products are used in a number of treatments such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments, skin needling, and more. They are effective at improving many skin problems such as fine lines, unwanted pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars, and more.

Our goal is to provide each and every client in Darwin with personalised attention, the education he or she needs to make an informed decision, and the best possible outcome from whichever treatment is chosen. Providing the best possible outcome always means using medical-grade skin care products. Please see our clinic brochure or give us a call with any questions you may have or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!