5 Key Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There’s simply nothing better than the feeling of silky, smooth to the touch skin. However, maintaining one’s hair free appearance is an ongoing job for most of us which requires regular waxing, shaving and plucking to avoid unsightly regrowth and skin irritations.

Thankfully, Cosmetic Injectables Darwin now offers the most advanced & permanent laser hair removal service in Darwin via our state of the art GentleLase Pro machine. Unlike traditional IPL hair removal treatments, the GentleLase Pro is virtually pain free and achieves results up to three times faster than regular IPL treatments.

In celebration our new offering, we’ve put together the top 5 benefits of permanent laser hair removal:


Our laser hair removal treatments are ultra convenient with small areas like underarms, upper lips and faces only requiring 5 minutes of your time. Larger areas like your arms and legs will only take around 10 minutes making this a fast, effective and permanent alternative to shaving or waxing.


If you were to add up all the money you spend on razors, creams and waxing supplies over the course of a year the cost would astound you! By destroying the cells around your hair follicles, our laser hair removal treatments prevent hair from growing back and can save you hundreds of dollars in hair removal products over the coming years.

Time Saver

Just as there is a financial cost to ongoing hair removal – waxing, shaving and plucking your unwanted hair every couple of days adds up to a significant amount of your time spent over the course of a year. After just a few sessions with our highly trained hair removal clinicians you won’t have to worry about your annoying hair removal rituals ever again!

Less Painful

Whilst pain is a subjective thing, many if not all women who’ve experienced GentleLase laser hair removal agree that it is much less painful than waxing. Long term waxing can also cause damage to sensitive areas of your body so avoid the pain and the skin damage with our laser hair removal treatment.

No More Anxiety Attacks

We’ve all been there – you decide to let a few days pass in between shaving your legs and cover up the evidence with a pair of long pants or dark stockings. Then as luck would have it you find yourself on a spontaneous trip to the beach or in the midst of a sudden romantic encounter with your partner and then WAAAIT! You remember prickly legs and there isn’t a razor in sight. With permanent laser hair removal from Cosmetic Injectables Darwin, you’ll never find yourself in a ‘hairy’ situation again.

If you are sick of waxing, shaving and plucking your unwanted hair every other day, contact the laser hair removal experts at Cosmetic Injectables Darwin for a free consultation today.