Your Golden Babe – Introducing the Aqua Gold Facial

At Cosmetic Injectables Australia we started off 2021 with a BANG, by introducing our brand new treatment the AquaGold facial, loved by celebrities across the globe this facial is set to stun. The treatment involves micro gold needles that penetrate into the skin surface activating the coagulation cascade inducing collagen remodelling. The most exciting thing about this treatment is that it can be combined with dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, skin boosters and important vitamins that are directly infused to your skin (cost will vary depending on infusion product). 

The elixir combination that is put into your AquaGold Facial from plant extracts to dermal fillers will be curated personally for you by your specialised nurse based on your individual needs and wants, so your glow is all your own (personalised glows are very 2021). The treatment in its entirety can take just over one hours. Time is allocated for numbing to assist with reducing discomfort. Your skin will glow immediately with results continuing to develop over a 6 week period as your natural collagen remodels. 

The AquaGold facial aims to create smoother younger looking skin, by carefully transporting your personalised elixir straight to the structural layers of your skin, exactly where it needs to be for optimal efficacy. You may see results straight away and be very tempted to touch your face, but like most needling treatments, keeping skin clean and hydrated post treatment is very important. Your experienced nurse will send you your post treatment care sheet.  Your skin will continue to improve after the facial over a 6 week period, and as for how many treatments you will be required to complete, that is up to both you and your registered nurse, based on your personal skin goals.

Hollywood has capitalised on this facial treatment, so now it’s your turn to get that red carpet skin, and give us a call or book online for your free consultation with an experienced registered nurse and discover what AquaGold can do for you.