What Is Glutathione?

The human body comprises a unique collection of antioxidants that ensure all vital process and major organs function as efficiently as possible. One such antioxidant is glutathione, and it does several great things, such as maintaining vitamin C and E levels. One downside to the body’s naturally-produced glutathione is that it decreases with age. As […]

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses cosmetic injectables to rejuvenate the skin. Learn more about mesotherapy and how it could work for you. Many people find that, as they age, their skin doesn’t look as great or feel as tight and soft as it did in their youth. The trouble is, some individuals believe there […]

First time getting injectables? – Read This

Have you been sitting on the fence for a while about finally becoming an injectables convert? Well you are not alone in this, to do it or not to do it that is the question, and honestly it depends on your personal needs and wants for your skin and beauty goals. When it comes to […]

Your Golden Babe – Introducing the Aqua Gold Facial

At Cosmetic Injectables Australia we started off 2021 with a BANG, by introducing our brand new treatment the AquaGold facial, loved by celebrities across the globe this facial is set to stun. The treatment involves micro gold needles that penetrate into the skin surface activating the coagulation cascade inducing collagen remodelling. The most exciting thing […]

Sun Exposure – Summers Souvenir

With Summer in full swing it’s easy to get a little too excited about that short term bikini body tan and forget about the long term effects that it has on our skin and the ageing process. Pigmentation is that souvenir that we didn’t want but bought anyway on our Summer vacation, it can form […]

The Versatility of Dermal Fillers

It’s 2021 and seriously is there anything that Dermal Fillers can’t do! (well at least on our faces anyway). Love it or hate it there is no denying that this little beauty trick has been the real mvp of cosmetic beauty, with the ability to create more definition or structure to any area of the […]